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H&M Foundation donates USD 250,000 in response to Cyclone Mocha

In response to the extremely severe Cyclone Mocha that has hit Myanmar and Bangladesh, H&M Foundation is donating USD250,000 to the Red Cross/Red Crescent

MRCS Cyclone Mocha evacuation interventions.

In the afternoon of 14 May 2023 an extremely severe Cyclone Mocha, the strongest one in the last 10 years, hit the coastal areas along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, bringing heavy rainfall, strong winds, flooding, and landslides in coastal and low laying areas. Both countries have witnessed significant damage on infrastructures, agriculture, and livelihoods in affected areas.

“What is happening in Myanmar and Bangladesh is heart-breaking and our thoughts are with the people affected by this terrible cyclone. Humanitarian organizations and local communities are working hard to help those affected and we hope that our donation will support the essential aid relief efforts.”

Karl-Johan Persson, H&M Foundation board member

H&M Foundation has donated USD250,000 towards the Red Cross and Red Crescent for their efforts in Myanmar and Bangladesh. The targeted individuals will be supported through an integrated approach across multiple sectors, aiming to meet shelter, health, and basic needs. Access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) is also of high priority to prevent the risk of water-borne diseases and outbreaks in the immediate emergency response phase. In addition, interventions will incorporate disaster risk reduction and preparedness activities ahead of the monsoon season and have a cross-cutting focus on community engagement and accountability as well as protection, gender and inclusion.