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Custom-made jeans to end over production

Over production is depleting the earth’s resources. An American trio decided to take action and started unspun, a techstyle brand that engineers jeans straight from the future.

Build your pair; body scan; love your jeans. Following these three steps will get you the best fitting jeans on the planet – at least according to robotics and digital apparel company unspun, Early Bird winners of the 2017 Global Change Award.

In 2019, unspun started collaborating with fashion brand Weekday, to provide their custom fit technologies to offer Weekday’s customers perfect fit jeans.

”The collaboration is going really well, and as covid restrictions open up, the Weekday team will more actively publicize this offering,” says Walden Lam, co-founder of unspun.

In 2019 unspun also launched Rebirth together with another GCA winner: Resortecs. Resortecs offers a dissolvable thread that enables garment recycling. Rebirth allowed the two innovator teams to design and weave denim jeans on-demand, with threads that enable the jeans to be easily disassembled and redesigned again. Pairing the two technologies makes it possible to reduce the CO2 emissions from the production and disposal of a pair of jeans by 27 percent.

”I think the pressure of launching really allows us to move more quickly with a unified sense of purpose. The beauty of this collaboration is that it has now grown. Since the Rebirth launch in late 2019, we have expanded this collaboration with another GCA winner team, Eon ID, to add traceability,” Walden Lam explains.

This project was presented in early 2021, when unspun launched Genesis, its most sustainable pair of jeans yet. Developed as part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign program, the jeans combine unspun’s systems of production with Resortecs’ smart stitch threads and Eon’s scannable QR Code, to provide customers circularity care instructions, and share key circularity data with resellers and recyclers.

During 2020 the unspun team worked with a 3D weaving machinery technology, and in late 2020, they launched the world’s first scan-to-3D woven pants. The machine weaves custom-fitted clothes on demand, with the end purpose to reduce over production, waste and global carbon emissions.


Founders: Beth Esponette, Kevin Martin and Walden Lam
Contact: Walden Lam: [email protected]