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Global Change Award is a global innovation challenge initiated by H&M Foundation, aiming to make fashion circular.

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€1 million grant to five sustainable fashion innovations

Lab made vegan leather, fibers made of nettles, a digital system to make products recyclable from scratch, children’s clothes that expand and a biodegradable toxic-free membrane for outdoor wear are this year’s Global Change Award winners, sharing a €1 million grant from the H&M Foundation. Today H&M Foundation also announces an initiative with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, that puts consumers in the front seat, enabling them to take active part as supporters, backers, and testers of the five innovations.
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You decide how to split 1 million euro between five innovations reinventing the fashion industry

Imagine wearing a coat made of leftovers from harvests of flaxseeds, sugar cane and pineapples, or a t-shirt made of mushroom roots that you decompose in the ground once it’s worn out. Or garments that not only look good, but also nourishes and protects your skin due the nutritious algae it’s made of? These ideas are some of the winners in the third edition of Global Change Award. Now, the non-profit H&M Foundation needs your help to split the 1 million euro grant between the five winners in an online vote on, March 12-16.
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H&M Foundation launches third annual Global Change Award

The annual Global Change Award, initiated by the non-profit H&M Foundation, aims to protect our planet and living conditions by accelerating the shift from a linear to a circular fashion industry. The five winners share a €1 million grant, along with a one-year innovation accelerator program providing tailor-made support and invaluable access to the fashion industry. Last year, more than 2,800 applications from 130 countries were submitted. Today, the third round opens for applications at
Winners of Global Change Award 2018
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Five innovators awarded for ideas that help create a circular fashion industry

The public have cast their votes. On April 5, at a ceremony in Stockholm City Hall, the five winners of H&M Foundation’s innovation challenge Global Change Award were awarded. The 1 million euro grant was split between the winners by the global public in an online vote. In addition, a trend report is released today highlighting learnings about the future of sustainable fashion by looking at the thousands of disruptive ideas from 130 different countries.
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Giving the public power to split 1 million euro between innovations that can reinvent the fashion industry

To speed up the shift to a circular waste-free fashion industry, H&M Foundation initiated the yearly innovation challenge Global Change Award in 2015, calling for game-changing ideas that can help reinvent the entire industry. The second round of winners are chosen, and now the public decides how to split the grant of EUR 1 million between the five winners – a unique opportunity to influence one of the world’s most powerful industries and contribute to a sustainable future. The online vote is open March 27 – April 2 on